Arra, Up Close and Personal

Arra, Up Close and Personal

Aoki, Daddy, and Ming

Aoki, Daddy, and Ming
I'm not spoiled he make me works! Hard too!

Simmons Money!

Russell Simmons has been instrumental in bringing hip-hop to every facet of business and media since its inception in the late 1970s: in music with the co-founding of the immensely successful original Def Jam Recordings; in the fashion industry with the trail-blazing Phat Farm, BabyPhat, Run Athletics, and Def Jam University clothing lines; in film with Simmons Lathan Media Group; in television with HBO’s “The Def Comedy Jam” and “Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry”; on Broadway with the Tony Award winning stage production “Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway”; in the financial services industry with UniRush and its RushCard and Baby Phat RushCard; in fine jewelry with The Simmons Jewelry Co; in video gaming, mobile communications and other industries utilizing the internationally recognized Def Jam brand through Def Jam Enterprises; and in the community with Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network. Russell is a sought-after public speaker and regularly addresses audiences ranging from public school children and university students to corporate executives and community leaders.

2010 Dis is Family Business, Mind Ya Business!

The Effects of Healthcare Reform

Ladies and Gentlemen while working for ACS as a Medicaid Choice Counselor in Tallahassee I learned things about Health care and the insurance companies who team up with the government to take advantage of the elderly and people who live in rural areas who may not have the resources those in large metropolitan areas have. Now again if you have been following you know that John Whetsel, the mafia, real estate, corrupt mogul in Tallahassee has conspired against me for leaving his company when I wouldn't oblige to being his nor his son's mistress, prostitute or slave. He was under the sick notion that I was from one of these small rural areas where people don't utilize resources and in all of this this man has not only made a mockery of himself, he has made the entire republican party look like clowns and this blog will help expose the "Healthcare" side of this system made up of snakes and crooks. Republicans you can thank John Whetsel and all of the men in Tallahassee who assisted him in the disorganized conspiracy against my family.

Now as you may or may not know my Grandmother and Grandfather lives in a small town in Ga, just about 45 minutes outside of Tallahassee where people are very racists and many of the citizens just let things happen because they fear the white man. The man who hides behinds others so that the evil he does doesn't get back to him. It's no different with the Health insurance companies who are upset with President Barack Obama for wanting to reform health care. Here is the thing you have companies like Humana, Aetna and Cigna that team up with the government and offer coverage to people who either receive medicaid or medicare they dress up their plans to make them seems slight better than what the basics plans are for medicaid and medicare and then they make money by robbing the recipients making them pay co-pays they normally would pay with regualr medicad/ or medicare. Then they go a step further and team up with Doctors and Hospitals so they stop accepting regular or straight medicaid or medicare again making it harder for the patient.

Now this is what John Whetsel did because he was following me while working at ACS, once he realized I was comfortable there and would not be returning to his company he started having the managers as well as other staff with in the company filled with women, harass me. Hoping I'd quit the same thing he had the employees do to me while working at his company hoping that I would only talk to him (sick I know). He also had men at Inspired Technologies another company I worked for do the same thing so I'd quit hoping I'd coming running back to him looking for work. Well because his is involved in the "mafia" and so many people in this area is intimidated by him, he had people coming to my Grandmother's house harassing them trying to get them to sign up for extra insurance coverage in hopes they'll eventually spend so much money they'd wouldn't have anything left over in case any of the children needed assistance. Mainly me, again hoping that I'd coming running back to him looking for work or money.

So my Grandparents have been enrolled in a Health Care plan because the man sent here by John Whetsel has advised them they needed this plan for prescription drug coverage. Now I need to mention during this time he had his team of people watching to make sure that I didn't interfere with this because he need to get my Grandparents personal information for the salesmen so that he could follow them. Are yall following? So please know that there is a John Whetsel everywhere mainly in the Republican Party because most of them think just like this. The same thought process of slave owners of the past.

So through out this process my Grandparents have been wasting money paying co payments at Dr. Visits, paying extra for prescription drugs when WalMart has designed a prescription drug plan for people such as my grand parents and others recipients of regular and straight medicaid. All along I had been telling my Grandmother you are wasting money but because the snake salesman originally got to my grandfather, the weaker of the two he was sold. Now mind you this insurance company had changed names so many times since my Grandparents initial sign up, we have called to discuss prices of copays and why they getting billed after they've paid for services. The customer service rep said she'll have somebody call us back with in 24-48 hours, that was 3 days ago.

Ladies and Gentlemen don't be fooled by the middle man and his health care plans that may offer more that what you already have with the government. It's all a scam to take your money, if there's any left over. See republicans are always looking for a way to get their money back while making us think they are helping.
Click the following link and check out what Medicare Basics has to say about what the "private" companies are offering. All you need is medicare parts A and B. C and D is republican robbery hoopla. Take your prescriptions to Wal Mart.

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