Arra, Up Close and Personal

Arra, Up Close and Personal

Aoki, Daddy, and Ming

Aoki, Daddy, and Ming
I'm not spoiled he make me works! Hard too!

Simmons Money!

Russell Simmons has been instrumental in bringing hip-hop to every facet of business and media since its inception in the late 1970s: in music with the co-founding of the immensely successful original Def Jam Recordings; in the fashion industry with the trail-blazing Phat Farm, BabyPhat, Run Athletics, and Def Jam University clothing lines; in film with Simmons Lathan Media Group; in television with HBO’s “The Def Comedy Jam” and “Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry”; on Broadway with the Tony Award winning stage production “Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway”; in the financial services industry with UniRush and its RushCard and Baby Phat RushCard; in fine jewelry with The Simmons Jewelry Co; in video gaming, mobile communications and other industries utilizing the internationally recognized Def Jam brand through Def Jam Enterprises; and in the community with Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network. Russell is a sought-after public speaker and regularly addresses audiences ranging from public school children and university students to corporate executives and community leaders.

2010 Dis is Family Business, Mind Ya Business!

My Name is Not Susan

"There are some from every group of people here in the United States, who believes the world owes them something and they also believe they shouldn't have to work hard. Everyone needs to work hard at some point and get an education to better themselves". I agree with this to a certain extent, however, I believe there are some who would like to work but when people, such as the ones that I have come across, are owners of companies, bosses, judges, lawmakers etc. have a feeling of superiority that goes beyond the position they hold, they intentionally try to make it extremely difficult for those they believe to be beneath them or not worthy.

I had a white female supervisor who just would not leave me alone when working at this company. She would have people call my phone saying things like "oh Cristina needs to be working at McDonalds" just as the person on the other end of the line was saying this, my very insecure and immature supervisor would walk by my desk to see how I responded. She was testing me to see how far she could go. She didn't think I was smart enough to figure her out. She could never look me in the eye and I loved to talk her face to face and watch her tremble and shake. She would arrange team meetings then talk about how her parents couldn't afford to take her to the dentist when she was a young girl. I would sit there like "can somebody tell me what does that have to do with anything that we do here at this company". She would get sick when I would come to work dressed nice and walk by my desk and say "I'm sick I just can't take this" again I would look at her like "you're telling me this because?" I almost forgot that day she got sick because I came to work looking like I was about business and not about to sweep of the porch to my trailer. She had another supervisor holding her back like she was gonna pounce on me for coming to work dress like that. "The only this I wish I wish a Ni**a would"...."Black people don't come to work looking better than us". See why shit so messed up in Florida the damn white women in the Capital sitting around worried about who looks better than them and instead of them stepping their game up. They're trying to bring us down to their level. Kiss my ass.
She, like the man at the real estate company would use other white women in the company that were afraid of her, to come up to me and say real mean things about the black men in the company, black men in the city and black men in the public eye. She, like the other men would hide behind people that I befriended would have them say bad things about people with high positions in the company, just to see if I would engage and agree with what they were saying.
One day I was sick and I said to her I am pregnant, I was lying of course. She told me "get an abortion, I will approve the time off". I looked at her in amazement and thought these people are from another dimension. Because she was so nosey, I literally wanted to bust her in her shit every time she'd walk to my desk trying to see what I was wearing, what I was doing, what music I was listening to. I never understood why she didn't see that look of disgust on my face, you that look like somebody in the room just let out a silent but deadly; clear the room type of fart. That's how I felt when I looked in her face but wasn't nobody trying to give me time off for that shit. She, like the other men, would stand by my desk sniffing me. Yes the crazy bitch would sniff me. Sometimes I'd sit there like I hope her ass got a good whiff of that blunt I smoked before coming here so I can deal with her psycho ass. Maybe she'd get a contact and sit her ass down somewhere.
She would try her best to keep drama stirred up between me and other black girls in the company by spreading lies. She was very very ignorant in my opinion. She was in the process of planning her wedding when I first started the company and would try to through it in my face constantly like I really cared. I would just sit there like why doesn't she get it, I don't care. Bitch do I need to hire a pilot and have him write this shit in the sky.
The picture below shows the girl that started at this company a week after me. In this picture she is wearing a sweater like mine, she went out and brought a black car like the one I was driving, she even went out and got contact lenses to make her eyes lighter. She bought a house from the corrupt real estate company. Before doing so she went to live with a girl who I was friend with, her job was to break that friendship up. OMG after I stop working for the company she would come to my house daily thinking I was depressed I use to play the role so damn good, cause I knew she was running back telling her white Bosses. She would even come to my house and talk bad about them, again expecting that I would engage in conversation with her. Same ole game blah blah blah!! She even use to tell me she use to throw up to try to lose weight. She wanted to know what my secret on staying so slim was so she could tell the white lady "Massa".
My secret is this put down the fucking twinkies bitch!!!

Now back to Susan, she would pretend that we'd have such a heavy work load and ask people to come for over time on Saturdays while she sat at home monitoring our actions on our computers, and trying to control what we did on the weekends. One Saturday I was the only one there my son was across the street swimming so I figure hey lifeguards are here so I'll go work. Guess who comes in with a knee brace on, yup Susan then the bitch gone talk about "wanna see me belly dance" That was the funniest shit I felt like Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. You know how his secretary kept doing shit to try to impress him, the hairdo and the outfit. I also need to add this man they'd have bagel Wednesdays and because Susan wanted me to get fat because I was distracting the men in the company, even the gay ones (OKAAYYY); she would bring in cupcakes and shit thinking I was gonna be all cute and not eat em. Check it, by the time them munchies hit my ass. That was all she wrote and I use to wash it down with a pepsi and belch so damn loud. Hoping they would say EW!!! Dudes in the company use to stick their over into my cubicle like "yo Cris... that was you?" I'd respond with "xcuse me" in a tiny voice followed by a giggle. So my point is this as long as there are people like that who hold positions and try to use those positions to intimidate there will be people who want to work but can't because of the ignorance.

The picture above is how I look when I started working with Susan... Girl you betta watch wut you say!!

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