Arra, Up Close and Personal

Arra, Up Close and Personal

Aoki, Daddy, and Ming

Aoki, Daddy, and Ming
I'm not spoiled he make me works! Hard too!

Simmons Money!

Russell Simmons has been instrumental in bringing hip-hop to every facet of business and media since its inception in the late 1970s: in music with the co-founding of the immensely successful original Def Jam Recordings; in the fashion industry with the trail-blazing Phat Farm, BabyPhat, Run Athletics, and Def Jam University clothing lines; in film with Simmons Lathan Media Group; in television with HBO’s “The Def Comedy Jam” and “Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry”; on Broadway with the Tony Award winning stage production “Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway”; in the financial services industry with UniRush and its RushCard and Baby Phat RushCard; in fine jewelry with The Simmons Jewelry Co; in video gaming, mobile communications and other industries utilizing the internationally recognized Def Jam brand through Def Jam Enterprises; and in the community with Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network. Russell is a sought-after public speaker and regularly addresses audiences ranging from public school children and university students to corporate executives and community leaders.

2010 Dis is Family Business, Mind Ya Business!

Mr. Intentional- The MasterMind

Question does the road to fame and fortune
in the "mastermind" translation depend on the amount of people you
screw, let screw you, or get screwed by, determine how high you can climb?
If you ever fall off it'll feel like a plane crash... I'm just sayin.

Answer: The road to hell is paved with good intentions, of how they helped you out cause you"re such a hopeless victim. Yo don't do me any favors, Mr. Intentional.
Equivalent to climbing the Corporate Ladder it all depends on the amount of bullshit you will put up with. The higher you go the rules regarding harassment etc. etc., you will soon find out only apply to those at the bottom of the ladder. It's a tool to keep certain people down. Especially when they know your weakness. Hello????
That's just why I used to be like... Family Dollar Corporate Headquarters... Yall can kiss my ass... White dude using the married black man to harass me hoping I'd come to his office and report it. When that didn't work they went to another black man in a higher position etc etc etc. Then fucking Tallahassee wanna come at me with their bullshit and yall black man just sitting round like (duh duh) pimp my ride... Ride or Die it's all good. Damn man!!!
Let's not forget about Cigna Healthcare and their "mentoring program" child please they hooked me up with somebody in a higher position they wanted me to mentor... Get it... She was spose to be my mentor on a personal level (turn me out) and I was suppose to mentor her on the business etiquette side... I told them kiss my ass!!! LMAO Shall I keep going?
It's simple yet sad at the same time it's almost like some Corporate environments are institutions designed to draw people into this world of robots who do as they are told at the masters discretion. Based on your bullshit tolerance you are placed in groups just like animals in a zoo. Then you have supervisors monitoring and testing you. And if you want to get promoted you must pass the tests. Tests designed to go against certain peoples thought process. The people that can be distracted with money and cars. Sounds like the Public Education System.
Sad people have regrets.... If only I can see you more time and get another shot @ it. I swear now that I know I would say "can we talk?.".. Dude... Unwash your brain and do wut you got to do... You only live once... Stop letting massa dictate your every movement...
Black men "who says the man has his foot on your neck and won't let you move without being all up in your business"... Give his ass something to look at. Take my situation for example. All those white men telling the black guys not to date me talk to me etc. Check it I would have doing just what they do... Doing the opposite of what they told me and then when they asked I would have said no, it was somebody that looked like me... I would have been somewhere with that chic's legs in the air while whitey sending out a search party looking for her. Telling them "oh she over there", when she's sitting on my lap. Just like you don't know they don't know either but if you tell them then they'll know. That's just how I would have handled it. But I'm not a dude.

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