Arra, Up Close and Personal

Arra, Up Close and Personal

Aoki, Daddy, and Ming

Aoki, Daddy, and Ming
I'm not spoiled he make me works! Hard too!

Simmons Money!

Russell Simmons has been instrumental in bringing hip-hop to every facet of business and media since its inception in the late 1970s: in music with the co-founding of the immensely successful original Def Jam Recordings; in the fashion industry with the trail-blazing Phat Farm, BabyPhat, Run Athletics, and Def Jam University clothing lines; in film with Simmons Lathan Media Group; in television with HBO’s “The Def Comedy Jam” and “Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry”; on Broadway with the Tony Award winning stage production “Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway”; in the financial services industry with UniRush and its RushCard and Baby Phat RushCard; in fine jewelry with The Simmons Jewelry Co; in video gaming, mobile communications and other industries utilizing the internationally recognized Def Jam brand through Def Jam Enterprises; and in the community with Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network. Russell is a sought-after public speaker and regularly addresses audiences ranging from public school children and university students to corporate executives and community leaders.

2010 Dis is Family Business, Mind Ya Business!

My Acceptance Speech

Arra Da Flygurl Simmons (Cristina Renee Hamilton Simmons)

Special shout out to the assholes @ Inspired Technologies that made this all possible!

I'd like to take a moment and stroll down memory lane and present to you the experiences, situations, and moments of pure entertainment I endured on my journey.

Well give props where they are do... I worked for a Information Technology company filled with employees from small towns and their minds matched the size of the towns they are from. So they thought they'd play a practical joke on me because they've never been anywhere and they think the entire country is ran by people with small town mindsets...
Their idea of fun was to watch me, my friends and family then try to ruin those ties and bonds. And then replacing them with evil little trolls that think like them. I remember one of the guys @ the IT company asking me how would I feel if I didn't talk to my friends of family anymore. I said "bring it on homey. Cuz check it if you got the power to ruin those relationships they weren't real to begin with". And don't think I am going to come running to you to make it all better. I was born by myself and I will leave here by myself all the shit that happens in between is what I make it. My story... Not yours. But small minds don't think like that. They are used to fickle and controllable minds with nothing but time on their hands.
It's crazy, sad thing is how they can poison the minds of EVERY body it's like they have outer body experiences and become other people. Trust me! If you can look through my eyes and see what I see daily, you'd think you were in another time and place. The master/slavery mindset has not changed. LMAO I remember after leaving this very IT company, in Tallahassee, they would send messages through my computer saying they were the master and I was the slave. All because they couldn't break me when I worked there. LMAO they were the Stupids and I had to show the world just how stupid they R.

I remember the first company I worked for in Tallahassee... I got "promoted" to the "assistant" to the owner of the company. I got this promotion because the workers on my level were having a hard time "figuring me out" so they thought the small town mindset slave owner would intimidate me. He used to try to program me into thinking "white" was supreme and that certain features on my body would let me pass as white. If I was willing to accept those terms and become a lower class white gurl who was to be used at his discretion I would have been alright. Tell me who wouldn't want to deny themselves and forget their own identity to become "right" in the sight of "white". Can you dig it? Get a degree yall this is what corporate america is looking for if you light and you can pass for white "U R In" and don't you go dating no black boys trying to increase the black population while working for him. He decides the type of women the black guys can date and it's usually the girls who are looking for a meal ticket or the girl the white boys have ran thru and now blacky you can have their left overs. Not the kid!
Didn't stop there... Because some of the white men who were after me are cocaine snorters they put me in work environments where people who did coke were in charge, white girls. Hoping I'd befriend them get hooked on coke and let it all hang out. LMAO at how stupid white men are, when that didn't work, they put me around gay black women. Hoping that ... they'd intimidate me and turn me out. Those bitches were intimidated. Then they put me in an environment where the white lady in charge was scared of the black girls working for her however she wanted to sleep with a black girl and she hope she could be the one to turn me out. Now she stayed out of the office as much as possible watching me on the computer hoping I'd try to hook up with one of the bisexual married women in the company and that's when she'd make her move. After using the other black manager who was a coke head as well. An older lady who they thought would replace my mom and I'd follow her into a world of coke and sexual "anything goes". For all of the time and effort I thank you. Stupid asses. Now who's the buffoon?

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